ImInKuwait: Week 4

Kuwait: Week 4

Another week of school is over. The weeks really go by fast here. It’s been a pretty steady week for me. Not a lot going on besides school. I did receive my last and final student (I think) and I am actually really happy about that. He turned out to be a real superstar! Super polite and always willing to help out. My class number is up to 25 (with one student who has not showed up yet). They are possibly on vacation still, or in a different school.

This week was fun but again very exhausting. Our school has 3 buses you can take in the morning (for teachers) and I usually take the early bus( 5:15am) Meaning I wake up for 4:20am. I’d like to consider my self an early bird but these times have been getting the best of me lately. It is tough when you are used to going to bed around the time you get up and go off to school. The kids usually come rolling in around 7:00. They often wait outside before I get them from the soccer field. It’s definitely a big change but I am trying to figure something out so my body does not shut down ahaha A lot of people go to bed around 7 or 8. My bedtime has been around 10-11:30. Not good, but I am working on it.

This week in the classroom we worked on counting coins & bills (American Money), 100 grid, using math patterns, time, reading, writing and weather. We made weather clouds with hangings of our favorite types of weather. Kids seem to enjoy it. They were a bit hyper Thursday afternoon, but it’s coming, classroom management is still a work in progress in grade 2C.

I went back to Marina Mall this week. A new friend gave me a phone! Which was super nice of him. It is a simple Nokia phone that everyone usually gets for local calling around here in Kuwait. Well mostly everyone who is foreign. But I am interested to see how that goes. I have to eventually put some more minutes on it, because I think it only came with 1KD worth of minutes. That is not very much. I am waiting for the iphone 5 to come out. It will be my first iphone so I’m pretty pumped to enter iphone nation..ahah

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That was my week (Sunday – Thursday). Having my weekend on Friday and Saturday is still a bit tricky when it comes to your actual mind-set of things to do and when. But again, I think I am adjusting pretty well. It is about (6:46am) here in Kuwait on Thursday and it is about 31 degrees outside. Ideally when I am home (Nova Scotia, Canada) 31 degrees is pretty hot. Recently I’ve found a new love for 31 degrees and a hate love for I can’t wait to come home and see how I adjust to the weather again.


I went for a walk with some friends. We went across the sand to a local grocery store that turned out to be a small corner store. We picked up a few things before going for lunch. On the way I noticed again lots of litter, a volley ball court, soccer field and more litter. The court and field were all in the middle of a sandy area. As we walked and talked, we started to compare our homes (North America) to Kuwait. Mine you, this was interesting comparison, seeing they are two totally different places.

We talked about Westerners and our emphasis on recycling and re-producing. As to in Kuwait there does not seem to be big concern for either. The life style is so different. The buildings. The people. You can definitely tell a westerner when you see one.

PS: I picked up a new teachers bag this week (see pictures) Haven’t really thought much about these bags until I got called a student last week (by a student).lol I was definitely not mad, but I think the backpack has to go for now. This is my latest addition to my teacher wardrobe. I think it is very Kanye-s. Don’t you think?


As well! Picked up some swimming gear! Havent been in the water in probably 10 years ahah Actually do not think I can swim anymore (Or actually survive ahah) But I am getting some lessons from another teacher. Two times a week hopefully! By the end of the year! I should (Key word “should”) be swimming like a fish;-)



I went to the school today to work on a few things before tomorrow (Sunday we have classes) After school I went to the mall with some friends 🙂 It was great! Lots of walking around. And I happen to try this really good dessert from a cafe. It was lemon cream filling with a hard crust with a glance on top. It was absolutely phenomenal. Loved every minute of it!

After walking around the mall I meet up with another friend from AISK. She took me on a tour to see the two towers of Kuwait and the water front around it. It was really interesting to see. The structure and its unique image. I was happy to finally see it.


Overall it was a great week! Finally got to see Steph! And the school she works at. Now ready for another school week. Crazy that I’ve been here for almost a month now.. Time flies when you’re having fun;-)

Interesting facts/observations of the week:

– So apparently driving in a cab is at your own risk in Kuwait. Wow. The drive home tonight (Sept. 15) was It was my first time taking a cab by my self to my apartment and was it ever a ride. The driver spoke “very” little english and was driving about 140 the entire way. He did have on an english radio in which I happen to hear Akon, Beyonce and Trey Songz but wow, was it ever an interesting drive home. I was extremely happy once I arrived back safely.



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