BeAwesome: #238 Addicted

BeAwesome: #238 Addicted

We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking- Santosh Kalwar 


Now when we talk about being addicted to something, we normally “right away” think about all the bad things that some ( unfortunately) physically and mentally feel dependent on. We also believe that these individuals are unable to stop ( or what ever it is) without incurring adverse effects. (Stopping can be done) This is the definition we think about. This is the definition we know. We ask ourselves is there anything we should or can be addicted to that will not harm us. Let’s think about it for a second.( Stop and think) I think– Be addicted to good faith. What is good faith you ask? Regardless of the outcome believe you will get something out of what ever experience you may have. This can change your life (it changed mine) Honesty. Sincerity with every intention. Try to understand each others actions. Relate to why this something is going on. And think never the desire to defraud others. Those who are AWESOME are addicted to good faith. We try to understand the actions of others, and take every step knowing it will be a different experience every time. Be addicted. Addicted



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