BeAwesome: #239 Ignore

BeAwesome: #239 Ignore

I’m living my dream, and that’s all you can ask for. At a certain point you have to ignore all the rest- Sienna Miller


Throughout life, others will try to bring you down. It’s a fact. Just when you think you are doing good for yourself. Someone will come along and try to make things hard again. Make things uncomfortable. Not worth having or trying. Something about being successful bothers others. The fact that you are happy. Trying to do good. Doesn’t sit well with everyone. We tell ourselves that we will try our best. (Key word “our”) But often rely and depend on others to like what we are doing before we can accomplish it.Does that make sense. Why can’t we ignore the fact that others want us to fail. Why is this not used as motivation? Ignore anyone who tries to put you down. Ignore a negative feeling or thought that is said or put in place to bring you down..Ignore an ignorant person. Ignore a reason you think you cannot go on or complete a task. Ignore but listen and take in what it is that frustrates you. Turn frustration into bliss..Those who are AWESOME ignore. One cannot be taken off the right track when they are strictly focused on one goal. Ignore.



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