ImInKuwait: Week 5

Kuwait Week 5


This week went by really fast (seems like every week is going fast). Lots of school work and planning being done. The biggest thing going on this week was the open house for parents at our school (ASK). Was I nervous? Not really. More interested in seeing the parents. Putting a name on the faces. And really just getting a vibe for what they are all about and what they expect from me. Each elementary teacher (not the specialist teachers) had two separate sessions for parents. Sessions started around 6:10 (First session) and around 7:10 for the second. When I was done, it seemed so short. That awkwardness or uneasy feeling you (think) you’d have talking to parents was never really there. It turned out great!

What happen during Open House?

I started by talking about myself (literally 1min) Seeing I thought the parents only wanted to hear about the students. I had a lot of parents very interested in my story (where from, likes, dislikes, etc) I spoke to some of the parents after about these interest. Secondly I talked about Responsive Classroom. This is our schools way of community in and outside of the school. It is used to build a family/community based platform for our students. The essential parts of this program are: 1. Classroom Organization: providing active interest for students, space for student-created display of work and an appropriate mix of class and group instruction. 2. Morning Meeting: a format that provides children with an opportunity to practice greeting, conversation sharing and other social needs. 3. Rules and Consequences: In our class we have a cool down chair and a Buddy Teacher next to us (Mrs Smille:-). These are the areas I talked about during the Open House.

Secondly I talked about ELA and the Daily 5. Again, something that is a work in progress but certainly coming along very well. My students are now able to read for 12 minutes without and distractions from themselves or others (Great work grade 2!). Writing is a bit more difficult for them, they are still around the 5-6 min mark. These are only 2 components of the 5. Once the students master each one: Reading to Self/ Work on writing/Read to a partner/Word Work/Listening to Reading. I will be able to take small groups and concentrate specifically on certain areas of literacy.

Other parts of my presentation included Everyday Math, Homework and Agendas.

Overall it went really well. I was happy in the way everything went. And I “believe” I have some really nice parents.

Konos Pizza

What else happen this week?

I finally have health insurance:-) and a bank card! I’m starting to feel more comfortable here. Do I miss home? Of course I do. Momma. Daddy. Sister. Nanna. Uncles. Aunts. Cousins. Friends. It is different not seeing you guys every day. Or simply going hanging out, talking, making jokes. I miss you guys! But I am doing alright out here. There are a lot of nice people around me.

I ordered from KONO’s this week. On this amazing website called On this website you can order absolutely any kind of food. And have it delivered to you at your apartment. It is pretty sweet. I have no idea why I picked KONO’s but I think I was highly influenced by a friend. You know who you are! Overall it was okay. Not the best thing I’ve ever had, but it was tasty and interesting to eat pizza that way. I highly recommend this website to anyone that is able to use it. A lot travellers use this site to order. They even deliver cookies! Its great!


Also on Friday I went to visit Stephanie again! This time I had some errands to run and she did not mind coming. The taxi drive was ALOT safer which was good. Thanks Salem! It was super nice out today (around 38-41) It wasn’t to bad to walk in either. After a few errands both Stephanie and I went for lunch at the Oriental Cuisine (Thai Food) and was it ever good. Sorry no pictures for this. Apparently I was way to into the meal too much. I highly recommend if you are in/ ever come to Kuwait to visit this restaurant. It was possibly the best Thai I’ve ever had!



After lunch we went for a walk near Marina mall. Was it ever busy on Friday. I guess that is the thing to do on the weekend. The entire mall was packed with people. Families. Friends. It was interesting to see. As we made our way outside I started to see even more people. Kids on roller blades. Scooters. Bikes. You name it. ALOT of families having picnics on the grass. Friends playing soccer on the beach. Parents chatting with other grown-ups. It was really a lot to take in. The Kuwait culture is (seems) very family oriented. Though (it seems like) a lot of them have Nannas etc, they still make time for family. Again, I’ve only been here for 4 weeks. I could be entirely wrong.

Another week is over. And it is getting better. Spoke to Nanna and some family on the phone yesterday. It was nice to hear familiar voices. Miss home a bit 😦 But I’m hanging in there!


Interesting facts/observations of the week:

– When getting a cab or getting out of a cab, be fast and to the point. Cab drivers never use meters. Once they give you a rate, you can suggest something else. If you walk away, they will probably turn around and agree with your price to take you. (Wait time) If cab drivers do not suggest a cost for your driving or distinction, you can either give them what you want or give them what they want and get out of the cab asap lol

– A lot individuals in Kuwait drive SUV or luxury cars such as BMW, Lexus and Mercedes.

– Air quality here is different. I find my self catching my breath at times when walking. Takes some getting use to

– Student of the month is this week! Pretty pumped about that:-)



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