BeAwesome: #241 Avoid

BeAwesome: #241 Avoid

Do not worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older it will avoid you- Joey Adams 


You’re a wimp. You’re a scaredy cat. You’re a baby. Find some guts. Do it for me. Peer-Pressure. Adult pressure. Influence and group pressure can make anyone think about or want to try something. The amount of individuals that are highly influenced by word of mouth is staggering. The number of young adults. Teenagers. Kids that are pressured to make the cool group. That are pressured to please because “everyone else” is doing it. This is a scary thought and situation for everyone. Avoid. Keep away or stop oneself from doing something (Google). If you know it is going to be bad. Negative or un-fulfilling. Avoid it. Dig deep inside and find what ever it is that stops you from harms way. Avoid it. And avoid a circumstance you know is not going to work for you. It takes a lot to avoid. Courage. Commitment. Heart. Can you take another individuals pressure. Being looked down upon. Do you care that much. Those who are AWESOME avoid. We have something in us that allows us to believe and do what is right for us. Pressure? We take care of it. We deal with it. And we make sure it is in our best interest first before going through with it. Avoid.



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