ImInKuwait: Week 6

KuwaitL Week 6

PS: Sorry for lack of pictures and post. Its been busy trying to stay on top of things. It is coming though. Be patient please..

Thanks you…

So week 5 started off pretty good. Busy in the classroom of course. Not a whole lot going on besides school for the first part of the week. School is going really well, starting to get a good feel for my kids. Some of them have big personalities which is always fun.

I had to make a few phone calls home this week. As a teacher I love-making good calls. The bad calls are the toughest. I find it awkward and unpleasant. But overall it went really good. My parents seem very nice and understanding so far this year. I thank them for that.

What have I been doing this week? I started working out more. Working out as in, lifting weights (very little) and running (treadmill). The weather is cooling off a bit (30-35ish) in the morning. So you are able to run if you want to. The afternoons are still a bit hot. It usually hits around 40 plus.

On Thursday (remember our weekends are Friday/Saturday) I experienced my first Pizza Day for our school. All of (most of) the students order pizza from dominos. They all get pan pizza’s and a juice box. If I may add they take about pizza for the entire week. When Thursday comes they go as far as chanting pizza , pizza, pizza (I shut that down very early). They get so excited, and sit down in their seats the entire time while they eat. It is amazing 🙂 ahah Yet very tough to control that type of excitement ahah

Thursday night I went to sleep pretty early. I ordered a pizza (Pasta Mania :-), watched Fresh Prince, and called it a night. I’m watching the seasons of Fresh Prince from the very beginning. It is probably one of my favorite tv shows of all time.

Friday was a bit different. I woke up and went to the gym around 7:30. My sleeping is a little messed up seeing I wake up for school around 4am, to make the bus at 5:15. I get to school around 5:45-6ish. So 7 for me is sleeping in.ahah I do not mind it yet. I’m usually an early bird, so its starting to work with my body. Later around 6 I went to the British embassy. Oh what I time I had:

So The Cool Kids (names will not be announced due to secret identity) decided to have a night this week. Thanks to various members, I was announced a member this week 😉 Thanks all lol For me this was my first night out in Kuwait. Everything was located at the British Embassy. The night started by a number of us taking a bus to another schools apartments. We picked up about 7-8 individuals and then headed to the Embassy.

Once we arrived, you could notice a line right away. Males and females were placed in different lines. Everyone was scanned and searched before entering. Made sense, to keep everything safe. Even though we had all that, the guards seemed pretty cool about it. Once we made it pass the guards at the front, we entered a building in which other members of the Embassy checked our Passports (My and tickets. From that point on, it was time to sit back and take everything in as my first Embassy party was about to begin.

As entering, a gentlemen offered healthy snacks (free of charge) (simply snack bars) as well on a nearby table we had a few beverages as well (again free of charge). Tasted a bit like But was so-called something else if you know what I mean. As we walked towards the area in which the stage was set up people lined up to get drinks and food in all different areas. On one said you had one beverage with any time of mixture (hint hint) and the other side you had others. It was pretty cool to see. Food you ask? Chefs cooked the finest fish and chips at a very cheap price right in the area as well (1.2KD roughly 4 dollars Canadian) I did not have any but it sure smelled good.

As the night started a gentlemen opened the event with some music. Just him and his guitar. Mine you, I am not the biggest fan of guitar players, but he was rather good. When he was finished, a dj (a lady if I may add with skill!) played a few mixes for 10-15mins while a band set up for their act. Everything was happening so fast, and for each moment I forgot I was in Kuwait. The band was good. They played a variety of sounds that got people up dancing and singing as well. They played for roughly 35-40 minutes. The Dj then played for the rest of the night. What type of music? For those of you back home.. I would compare the music to Taboo on a Friday night. All the popular tunes. Including Call Me Maybe which was a fan favorite for many of the people there.

I had a good chance to sit and take it all in. I don’t mind watching and observing without looking like a creep. I was just interested in what to do. How to act. Which was a silly question, because everyone seemed to be having a great time being themselves and having a few drinks. I saw a random group playing flip cup which reminding me of school and random nights in the city at home. I saw people dancing and really letting loose which again, reminded me of at home. All of this took place outside, which surprisingly was really nice and not so hot at all.

One negative I took from this (sorry 2 negatives) is that they had 2 fog machines in which seemed to go off literally every 10 seconds. At times you cannot see anything on the dance floor. PS: never inhale that stuff. It sucks lol The other negative I found was the amount of people smoking. Nothing against smokers, it’s just I am not used to individuals being able to smoke ANYWHERES. It hurts my eyes when I have contacts in lol

I as introduced to a variety of people who I now forget their names. I dance a bit with some friends and watched a live band play music. I listened to a dj who played hip hop, house, r &b, you name it! I got to drink a variety of beverages. And I spent all of this with good friends 🙂 It was definitely really fun, and I hope to go back again soon. This week is pretty much over, and I will be back in the classroom Sunday.

Its been going really well here. For anyone that has their misconceptions about the middle east or Kuwait, I’d like to remind you that CNN gets paid to make you think that way. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Interesting facts/observations of the week:

  • Our bus driver/someone ran into us this week. Apparently you handle it by talking or shouting at each other. Get back in your vehicles and drive away. Don’t Panic it was not serious
  • You can get ANYTHING in Kuwait. If not more !
  • You must know someone who knows someone who knows someone
  • We have male gym (very nice and fancy) and attached to it is McDonald’s? Behind this gym (literally behind) barely notice it, you will find a vitamin store and a healthy sandwich store (Doesn’t make much sense to me) lol


So for now! Stay safe and keep being AWESOME

Happy Homecoming X Family




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