ImInKuwait: Week 7

Kuwait : Week 7

Week 6


Week 6 is here and I must say, not a lot going on this week.

I finally finished my Progress Reports (They go out Sunday to parents). I have a great group of kids. Lots of them have improvements to make, but it is the first of the year don’t we all. These reports are sent out to let parents and students know what they need to work on (or get help with). I am interested to see what happens next?….Report cards go out November, which is very soon.

Some students in elementary have tutors. For a number of reasons this is possible at the elementary level (grades 1 and up). Tutors can be paid anywhere between 15-20Kd an hour (15KD=52$ Canadian 20KD=69 $ Canadian). A lot of people like to tutor so they can save their pay. It is a really good idea if you can get the kids to tutor. Side note: If you did not know, Kuwait’s currency is the highest-valued currency unit in the world. Thursday I went to a volleyball game. My boy Berg is coaching the guys ( See pictures). It was fun! Congrats on the win boys. Good luck in the tournament! It really made me think about high school and junior high vball games. Good times! Go Wildcats and Eagles ahaha

Ask Gym (Love the Blue Floor)

Later in the week me and some cool kids went to LuLuMarket. This is a market we went to when we first arrived here back in April (Crazy to think its been that long). But it was fun to get out and do some grocery shopping. Once we were finished we went out to eat. Which again was very fun.

This weekend was not very eventful. I spent some time at the mall doing a few errands. I was able to read in the Starbucks near by as well. I may consider this a weekend thing for me. It was interesting to sit and read/watch the people in the mall. I noticed a few things while sitting: Starbucks is really good and never bring 4 kids into a coffee shop (it just doesn’t make sense now does it). I experience 4 kids, a mom and a dad who came and sat literally right next to me on the couches as they tried to manage their kids. The little boy (only boy out of the 4 kids) was very active throughout the entire visit. I was tempted to move a number of times but it slowly got better. This little boy screamed, kicked, punched, walked on tables you name it. It was very hard not to pay attention. The father literally did not move until he started to hit his sister (ekkk)

Today (Saturday) I went into school to do some grading, and now I’m back home about to cook up something tasty before I get back to work again. I also helped move a friend from the 2nd to the 5th floor of the Annex! Welcome to the top my dear friend:-)

Kuwait has been nice to me so far (Minus a few taxi rides lol). I’m looking forward to my first trip out of the country (Dubai). Me and a lot of other teachers will be traveling to Dubai for the Rugby 7s! If you do not know what it is? Look it up. It is going to be a blast! Well… For now.. Be Safe and continue to Be AWESOME!!!


Interesting facts of the week:

            – Caramel Cream Frappuccino (Starbucks is delish)

  – I can finally find my way home from the city 🙂

– Europe trip for Christmas is in the making:-)

– Naan bread is absolutely amazing!

-Be Awesome


4 thoughts on “ImInKuwait: Week 7

  1. Hi Gary, That’s so cool to see the covered soccer field. I haven’t been following, but I hope you are really having an awesome experience teaching in Kuwait! It’s cold in Toronto! Enjoy the heat! Take good care,
    p.s. my Awesome t-shirts are a real hit!

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