ImInKuwait: Week 8

Never a dull moment in Kuwait..


This week was a backlash of all the reports I sent out last week. After waiting for hate mail ahah I received a number of kind words asking to meet with myself in regards to individual reports. (To make things clear-I did not receive hate mail). Last week I spoke with 8 parents in regards to their student progress and where they are headed/should be headed for the rest of the school year. It was a bit difficult to discuss seeing the reports were very difficult to write, with a limited amount of words you can use, along with a variety of drop down menus you had to insert. With that comes the questions from parents, which is very appropriate.

During the week I focused a lot of lesson planning and assessment. I find myself busy all the time. Time management is extremely important here, especially with myself. The week went by very fast. The school started, after school activities this week. I was surprised by the number of options students had: ballet, swimming, dodgeball, soccer, rugby, frisbee, running, arts and crafts, science, you name it! It was great to see the students get involved and really get excited about these events. I monitored a swim try out on Thursday which was pretty fun to watch. 2 graders and 3 graders jumped into the pool and tried to swim their fastest to the other end. I watched some really good swimmers. I was jealous.

Today (Friday) I have DUNES CRAWL and a Masquerade Ball at the British Embassy. Not sure what to expect from either to be honest. The Dunes crawl is basically the same thing as a house crawl or a pub crawl, only it is in the Dunes building. Each apartment that is participating will have a snack or drink for their guest. It should be fun. The Masquerade Ball is being catered and dinned by the finest hotel in Kuwait (I picked the Salmon). Again, sorry no pictures can be taken in any Embassy.

It is about 1:30am here in Kuwait. I just arrived home from the British Embassy Masquerade Ball. I must say I was very impressed with the evening/night. It was super fun and well worth it (20Kd). When we arrived, we all anticipated a variety of things. I was wondering, what in the world this event was going to look like. And it passed all expectations. It looked as if a fancy wedding was being held outside. The tables and chairs were decorated. A server event tucked in my chair as I sat down. I really wish I could have taken a picture. Talking about this event will not do its justice. As the night started the Dj played. And I bought 2 tickets to try to win some fabulous prizes (IPad/IPhones/Flights to Dubai/etc). Great prizes to be won (I didn’t win anything #sadface)

Drinks were being served. Before the main course. The waitresses served sushi, vegetables and chicken, a long with salad. We also had the opportunity to try 3 different kinds of dessert. All of which were really good. ( I did not like the coffee treat) The night was never overwhelming, only shocking at how nice and beautiful everything was set up. It was amazing. It reminded me of a fairy tale. Lots of adults with mask and having a really good time.

Later in the night I was able to meet a few individuals from the British school, along with one Canadian from Ottawa. They all seemed really nice. We shared our stories, as to why we were here and what we were doing. Many of us were teachers, some were engineers and business representatives.

By the end of the night I was ready for bed. I did not fall asleep on the way home which was good. I was really tired though. Later today (830) I woke up to go to school. I was able to get some marking finished and some great playing (with the help of a friend:-) And tomorrow will be the start of another week. I get evaluated Monday. Please pray for me lol


Interesting facts of the week:

            – You can always find stuff to do in Kuwait if you search

– Noticed I should have brought more jeans

– Weather is changing! (It does get cooler)

Until next week. Continue to Be…AWESOME


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