BeAwesome: #246 Anger

BeAwesome: #246 Anger

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured- Mark Twain


Anger is something often used in a negative way. We look at anger as something that causes harm or influences bad behaviour. And you know what, usually that is the case. That is what often happens. We use anger as an excuse to do something wrong, or something out of characteristic of ourselves. Plan it on my anger. Strong feelings of annoyance. Displeasure. Uneasy. Upset. What ever it is that causes anger and be used in a positive way. Anger and frustration. Tears. Worrisome. Should influence a better you. In the moment. At the time. You quickly act on this emotion. Show. Respond in same way. That is what others often want. They want you to react. This Anger thing does not have to be negative. Anger is not trouble. Anger is a motivator. Anger is something used as encouragement to do better. Anger is a rush. A wake up call. Those who are AWESOME use anger. We all get upset. We show it. And display it in a variety of ways. Use anger to influence the inner you to be better. Use anger to influence the individual, group, or thing to stop, change or think about what they are doing to make you angry. Anger



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