ImInKuwait: Week 9

Kuwait: Week 9

Well this week was very eventful. Video upload soon..

This week started off with school of course. It was very eventful. Administration came into my class to observe my teaching. It went very well. This is the last week before our first school break. I am really looking forward to a rest:-) To keep you entertained. Here is what the rest of my week looked liked (Friday)

Waiting for the bus

So some of the teachers decided to go to the desert to play paintball and camp. My first impression was “yeah right, you are crazy” but after being influenced in how much fun it would be, I gladly went. If I must add, it was possibly the best event (experience) I’ve had so far in Kuwait. The fact that we were in the middle of the desert, 50km from Iraq, roaming abandon buildings, listening to music, eating, drinking and socializing with a variety of new people. It made for a great way to get away from the apartment and school.

In short: The bus came a little late. We traveled for about an hour out of the city to reach the desert. Upon arrival, you could see vehicles and people. Some that were setting up tents and others preparing for paintball (Which looked very intense). I did not paintball, but I was able to watch and go for a walk out into the desert (see pictures below). The first thing I noticed was how windy it was while walking. The wind was strong enough to lift the sand from the ground, and cause a striking force against your leg. If wearing shorts (which I was) you could feel a sting on your leg that became very annoying after a while. Once we finished exploring the desert it started to rain (that is correct) rain started to fall from the sky. The wind started to pick up as well. Note to self: Next time bring a mask. It was very difficult to see or let alone look at anything when it is windy or walking, because of the sand. Sand could easily get into your eyes and literally all over your body.

Once paintball was over, the grills started to heat up, the drinks started to flow and the music started to pump. It was a party in the middle of the desert! It started by everyone grilling and cooking up their own food on the bbq. On the side, individuals brought mac&cheese and a variety of salads for everyone to share! Lots of different beverages for drinks as well;-) Once the food was a done, and people started to finished eating, a DJ (yes a DJ) started playing music. Lights and sound systems all included. Again, this was a very interesting experience. 1. Being in the middle of the desert 2. Listening to music 3. Drinking beverages. Everything was happening so fast. It was great. We arrived at 1:00pm and 5 of us left at 12:30 am in the morning!

And waiting….

And still waiting ahahah (Bus was a little late)


On the bus! Just the 8 of us:-)
Other bus was full!

On our way to the desert..

Made it to the camp site/paintball

Laura snapping some pictures




Interesting hole in the wall


Setting up tents!


Interesting facts of the week:

– What happens in the desert stays in the desert

– It rains? It sure did in the desert Friday

– The double cheek kiss is a must here in Kuwait



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