BeAwesome: #247 Major

BeAwesome: #247 Major

The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become- Jim Rohn 


What is your major? English. Psychology. Biology. Art? What is it that you like the most. What are you serious about. What is important. How significant is something to you.What is your major? What is your rank? What do you believe you specialize in. A lot of people will go an entire life time searching for this rank. Searching for this piece of paper. Searching for a major in something they have little interest in. Leaving the fact that their major should be evolved around themselves. Should be evolved around their ideas and loves for life. In particular. This major is you. How much do you know about oneself. What is it that causes you to do things and act a certain way. Understanding yourself is an important step in finding what it is you love to do, and making it meaningful to help you and others. This major is important. This major starts with a sense of worth and want. Those who are AWESOME major. We major in the art of self and the willing to be more than the regular human being. We continue to learn and teach others why “we” the person inside is so speical. Why and how you can influences others to do the same. Major



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