BeAwesome:: #251 Exit

BeAwesome: #251 Exit

Every exit is an entry somewhere else- Tom Stoppard 


Exit the door in an orderly fashion. Walk. Run. Enter and leave the way you came in. Go out of or leave a place. A way out of a public building or entrance. A tunnel. Depart. When we find ourselves in difficult situations we sometimes happen to stay and wait t0o long. We look around. Searching and wondering. Trying to find answers that we dearly struggle with. So Exit. A situation that is bothering you. That is consistently hindering a life experience. A day. A moment. Exit. Move forward and change your scenery. Allow your self to get away. Think about the change. Why things are going this way. Never be afraid to exit a situation you feel may be bothering you. Put you in danger. Or cause you to act or do something you feel uncomfortable with. Those who are AWESOME exit. Within conversation. Meeting. Sport. Life experience. We always know and keep an eye out for the exit. The exit is an important part of growing up. It allows you to respond in a way that helps both parties. Never be a victim of an un-easy circumstance. Simply. Exit



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