BeAwesome: #256 Gather

BeAwesome: #256 Gather

Take time to gather up the past so that you will be able to draw from your experience and invest them in the future- Jim Rohn


Come together. Bring forth more than just oneself. Join forces. It is hard to ask others to join what you are feeling. What you are doing. What you have in mind. It is difficult to explain what it is you want them to do. How can you bring two thoughts together. A suggestion. Gather folks that you trust. Gather a group of individuals who can continue to push you to your maximum potential. Get there together. Create a group. A group of leaders who are motivated. A group of leaders who can gather more leaders who can gather more leaders. Assemble. Collect. Pick and choose. Accumulate something special. Those who are AWESOME gather. The groups and tribes we foresee ourselves in. The friends and organizations we tie ourselves too. We gather with/those who are invested in creating a better world for themselves and the people around them. We gather with/those who care. Those who take pride in being a nice, kind-hearted person on a daily basis. Gather



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