BeAwesome: #257 Collect

BeAwesome: #257 Collect

Collect as much as you can, only if in good faith- Anonymous


I remember when I was young my uncle use to collect baseball cards. He use to have all of the cool players. The rookie cards. The all-star cards. Even a few that were autographed. We would go to the flea market. Card stores. And trade. Look and see what other speciality  cards we could collect. Looking back now, I understand the importance of collecting. Finding something you enjoy. Keeping a personal taste and interest in something. A sense of completion when you receive the final card to a set. Those who are AWESOME collect for the very same reasons. Individualism. Beauty. Art. Balance. Collecting is about finding something that allows you to separate yourself form the outside world. What makes you feel like a kid again. What makes you glow. What can make you get up 2 hours early for. Everyone in the world has this thing. Have they all found it yet? Probably not. But it is there. We all have things we like to collect. It is our duty to go out and find it. Collect a good feeling. And hold onto it. Collect



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