ImInKuwait: Week 11

Kuwait: Week 11


Well this week went and came by really fast. Not much going on over here besides school of course. Report cards are coming up so I was stuck writing reports all weekend. Matter of fact, I will be traveling to school this morning (Saturday) to plug-in some grades and do a little more work before they are due.

It was nice to see the students back in class. I was missing a few students for the first couple of days after the break. Some of the students (or should I say most of the students) travel during school breaks. Their parents take them to other countries so they get to (decide to) extend their break a little longer. This can be a bit frustrating , but I definitely cannot do anything about it.

I went out and bought pair of hair clippers this week.  Funny story: So I started to cut my hair and  smoke started to come make its way out of the cord. My first reaction is please do not blow up or some how send some sort of electricity through my body. As I placed the clippers down it started to slowing die. (Run out of energy) In the mean time my head was half shaved and my clippers were now broken. So what did I do? I obviously panic a bit and tried to fix them. Fixing meaning, taking them apart and not being able to put them back together again. Next, I got in the shower with my hair still have cut (almost like the picture below), put on some clothes and called a cab.(That is right, I called a cab)


Walking extremely fast, I went directly to LuLuMarket and picked up a pair of clippers. Now these clippers were fairly expensive, but I told myself that I needed to make sure it was worth coming this far for something. And of course, I do care about my head that much. So I spent about 35KD (120$ Canandian, yikes!) on a pair of professional clippers. If I may add they are cordless as well. You are probably thinking, are people looking at your head during this time. Did you just walk outside with your head half shaved? Of course not. Aahahha My trusty hat saved the day. Minus the fact that it was see through. I’m pretty sure the lady who was behind me in the check-out thought something was wrong me. The back of my head was in the roughest shape lol


When I finally found a cab, I went straight home. I was excited once I arrived home, not for the fact that I bought the clippers, but that I magically made it to the market and back without anyone seeing me. I finally cut the other half of my head and I was happy for the rest of the day.

This week should be interesting. We have report cards going out. I need to sit down and get some grading done. Time flies when you are having fun;-) Until next time!

Interesting facts of the week:

1. Found a 7 Eleven Market near our apartments (Thanks to BB) but I am pretty sure

7 Eleven has no idea it is there..olol

2. Weather is changing a lot. Definitely a lot cooler now outside.

Still tshirt/short weather for me:-)

3. Happy American Thanksgiving this week

– BeAwesome

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