BeAwesome: #260 Monitor

BeAwesome: #260 Monitor

I tell people to monitor their self-pity. Self-pity is very unattractive- Patty Duke


I remember when I was in elementary, we would have hall monitors. Recess and lunch monitors as well. Their duty? Well, specifically they were to make sure things went smoothly. Either in the hall or on the play ground. I remember being a peer helper too. Duty? Monitor and help out your peers on the play ground. Back when, it was cool to be a helper. (It should still be)You were a leader. You were a loud to monitor other kids. You were placed in an adult role. Checking. Watching. Overseeing what is going on around you. Being involved in such programs remind me what it really means to monitor. Control. Supervise and watch. Those who are AWESOME monitor. We have great ideas of success and empowerment. But we need to keep a continuous record either mentally or physically of what we have planned and how we are going to do, so we know how we are doing. Keep under review. What can you do to make your situation better. Feedback. Assessment. Analysis step by step. See were you want to go. And keep track of how you get there. Monitor


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