BeAwesome: #261 Participate

BeAwesome: #261 Participate

Life may bring you to your knees; pray. Then GET UP and participate in the answer. BECOME the remedy! BE the solution!” – Steve Maraboli

86 year old BreakDancer #ThisIsLife


Life is an interesting thing. We are presented with a variety of experiences. Opportunities. Excitement. Everyday. We have the power to accept or decline what ever it is we take part in. Within life, some opportunities will present themselves once. These opportunities vanish and never come up again. A chance. A tough decision. All of these things are rewarded to you in hopes that you will accept or participate in such an act or different way of life. Sometimes we get caught up in the norm. What everyone expects us to do. We do things that we are told, and we forget that we do have a mind of our own. Tasting something different for the first time. Running a marathon. Riding a bike down a hill. Of course your first thought is, what if I do not like it. What if I hate this experience. What if I fail?


What if you do not like something or the experience is not exactly how you envisioned it to go? Does the world stop. Do you have to change who you are because things didn’t go exactly how you wanted them to go. Will people laugh or tell you ” I told you so”? Will you have to change your thoughts about life and experiencing new things. With everything that goes on in life, we forget to participate and take part in different things. We are controlled by outside influences that encourage us to do things we usually do. Sticking with the norm.  Share and enter. Partake in something special. We get so wrapped up in things with less value. Things that really don’t matter. We forget the little things in life and how we should appreciate them. Participate in them. Participate in something you usually wouldn’t. Something that challenges the norm and your own perspective on life. Don’t be afraid to fail. Go into each experience with an open mind, and learn from what ever it is you take part in. Something is only negative when your mind is set on that emotion before and after the experience. If you go into something with a negative feeling, negative things are more likely to happen.


Those who are AWESOME Participate. It’s called taking chances and being open-minded to new things. It is about enjoying difference and being willing to change. Even if this is only for a little while. Walking in someone else’s shoes. Realizing the good in everything you do. Participate for it will or maybe will be your only chance. Never hinder a life experience because of others. Take advance and make a decision. Participate.




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