ImInKuwait: Week 12

KuwaitLife: 12

I guess this is what 15 million dollars worth of fireworks looks like..

Being away from home has slightly changed my habits (in a variety of things). Some in which I cannot control. That is something we call life, some parts of it, we simply have to deal with. The other part is entirely up to you. Internal motivation is something I can find on my own. Something I can use to push myself to do more. Encourage myself to keep going. And that is something I found again this week. After settling down and finally feeling as though I have a handle on this new life style, I am now officially back on my regular schedule. #TeamNoSleep

This week:

Not a lot going on. I spent a lot of time at school working on report cards. I finally passed them in. I went to our school Varsity/Jv school girls soccer game. It was fun to watch and the students were happy to see us (teacher support) as well. I also watched the varsity boys basketball team play. It was interesting, I quickly compared athletics in North America to Kuwait. Soccer being their main sport, you could tell some of the girls had been playing soccer for a very long time. It was a fun experience.

Saturday I went quickly to a near by ATM. On the way my taxi driver and I got stopped by the police (It is okay Mom, it was not for anything It was very strange though. Before all of that, we both noticed a slow in traffic and cars placed all along the side of the road. We  both looked at each other with confusion. As we finally reached were the officers/traffic was stopped, one officer opened the passenger door (my door) and said” Hello sir, where are you going this evening” I replied” to the Atm in a local mall”. The officer said” I hate to bother you, but would you be able to share your taxi with this gentlemen, he has run out of gas” Still very confused I said yes. The young man was only going a few blocks from where I was going, which was nice. I guess that is how things work here in Kuwait.

Today is Sunday(It is about 8:14am here) and we just got an email about school being cancelled! That means we have a 2 day week this week! Pretty excited! Happy 50th Anniversary to the Kuwaiti Constitution!











Interesting facts of the week:

– Anything can happen when in a taxi

– Happy 50th Anniversary to the Kuwaiti Constitution!

– Last night 15 Million Dollars Spent on Fireworks

“Apparently broke world records”



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