BeAwesome: #262 Record

BeAwesome: #262 Record

You ask me if I keep a notebook to record my great ideas. I’ve only ever had one- Albert Einstein 



When I was about 10-12 years old I would record music from the tv. I loved watching the latest videos and listening to new music every day. I had no way of recording it. I went out and bought the 1990 TalkBoy from HomeAlone. Let’s just say it was something I would never forget. It had all of these fancy buttons and gadgets. I saved all of my money just to get this recorder. The device was a cassette recorder with a great grip. It consist of a stop, fast forward, rewind, pause, and record button. You could also slow/speed up the sound of your voice or what ever it is you were recording.

What I liked most about the Talkboy was its easy handle and accurate recording. I would record everything. Music. Tv shows. Even family conversations. I really felt like HomeAlone. Today, I realize and understand the meaning behind my excitement and recording. Why did I want to hear/listen to something over and over again. Why did I want to keep track of an experience/experiences I was going through.


Recording is about taking evidence. Keeping something for future reference. Register. Write down. Take note. Enroll. To record means “to want” to remember. And in life, to be successful we must record. We go through so many ups and downs throughout life that we often forget what has got us here in the first place. We forget the things that we’ve done, the  people who have helped us. Record theses memories and experiences. Allow your self to be thankful for each recording.


Those who are AWESOME record. We understand the art of memory. And how it is important. How it can slightly be changed insistently. We try to register meaningful information that keeps us happy. Record ones thoughts. Record ones ideas. Record



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