BeAwesome: Fitness Extraordinaire- Ryan Trueman

Ryan Truman aka Fitness Extraordinaire Check out his blog 


An important part of BEing Awesome is being healthy. When ever a chance to express this fact or feeling I am more than willing to do so. I am definitely no expert in the area, but I do try to maintain a healthy diet. Make the right choices to stay fit and healthy. Sometimes life can be busy. You do not have time to read fitness and diet books. Set out a fitness or eating plan. Worry no more! I have someone who can and is willing to do that for you.  I introduce to you:

Mr. Ryan Trueman

Who is he?

Ryan was born and raised in Cole Harbour Nova Scotia, Canada. He is a Dalhousie University Graduate (BSc Kinesiology). He’s spent time with a variety of clubs, playing sports such as Hockey, Canoe Kayaking  and Badminton. He’s coached all three as well. With his love for sports and determination to inspire others to be healthy and get active, he’s created a blog which does just that. His experience with fitness is well beyond his years, now being a personal trainer for many and inspiring others to make healthy choices each day. Ryan is also a life coach. His concepts give you freedom of choice. He understands what works for him may not necessarily work for you. If gives you options and things to think about. His idea of the concept he is creating is being a healthy human being and enjoying life while doing do. Very simple right? He is openly and freely giving away knowledge (that takes years to build and understand) and putting it in language for every reader to understand. What he does works. Don’t believe? (Scroll up and take another look at his photo)

What can he do for you?

Well for starters. Mr. Trueman gives everyone a voice and a chance. He hopes to inspire everyone to live a healthy life. He will suggest to you the simple tricks of the trade, of how to be healthy and get fit. He probably wont ask you to lift 200 pounds on your first day of training, but he will ask you to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle. His blog is an easy read. It is has pictures:-) And it is open for questions! He will write what you want to hear about. Tired of reading long magazines or books about how to stay healthy or keep fit? Here is free (researched) knowledge, from someone who is committed and motivated to help you do the same.

Here is a snip from his website:

5 Reasons why you may not be getting Results


1. Lift better, not more-

The main difference between why my clients and I get results, is because of my one main rule; lift better than everyone else, not more.  So many people are going to the gym with the intentions that more weight means more muscle, and this just isn’t the case.  The main thing to focus on is the muscle and what is happening to it.  When you lift a lot of weight with sloppy technique the muscle is often aided by other muscles close by because the load outweighs the muscle’s capabilities……

2.Eat to train, don’t train to eat

Every healthy body comes from the right diet.  Food is essential to attaining the proper body, and should not ever be overlooked.  For some of you that are working out everyday you need to step back and not only reevaluate your workout, but also your diet.  Do NOT say to yourself, “I worked out today I earned this cookie or cheesecake.”  Putting on weight is not simply calories in vs calories burned.  If it were that simple all of us would be enormous because it takes around 60 flights of stairs to work off half a oreo!…

3. Don’t rush it!

You didn’t put the weight on overnight so don’t think you can take it off overnight.  Don’t quit before it’s gone, stick with it and work smart and hard not just hard.

To see 4 & 5 please click the link



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