BeAwesome: #263 Purchase

BeAwesome: #263 Purchase


Buy with your heart, not your head. You can look at all the aspects that make a purchase practical, but that kind of thinking makes it an investment rather than a home- Barbara Corcoran



When we purchase something we usually have/should have a meaning behind that purchase. Sometimes you go out and purchase things just for the sake of purchasing it. It looks nice or it taste good. Whether from peer presser. Social Media. Popular brands. Or what ever the case maybe. We are all guilty of it. Matter of fact, I bought 2 packs of Oreos today. Do I really need them? Probably not. Are they going to taste good? Of course they are:-) Purchasing things we enjoy are important and have meaning are important. My meaning was a sweet tooth. And the little bit of milk left in my refrigerator.


I am not a big fan of shopping. Malls and the grocery store. I am a in and out kind of guy. I get things done fast in regards to purchasing. I see what I want and I get it. I hate sitting around. I always feel as though time is being wasted. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against shoppers. I’m just saying, I am not one of them. Before purchasing something. I usually have a plan. I make a list. Know what I am looking for right away. Checking the time. I never go in with the purpose of “I’ll see when I get there”. I usually have an idea in mind before I arrive. I need to have a mental picture of what I’d like to purchase. Over the pass number of years, I’ve purchased a number of meaningless things. Mine you these things come in handy during events and occasions. But. Did I need them? Did I really need these objects. Could I have lived without. Of course. Were they too expensive? Did they make me happy? To obtain something. Acquire. Take.Get. This is a big step. You do not need money to purchase everything.


Those who are AWESOME purchase. We purchase things that are meaningful and rich (Think about it) We understand the guilty pleasure of pleasing one-self on occasion but we take the time to but thought into what we obtain and take in. Purchase a demeanour to be successful and use it to set your path towards a better lifestyle or train of thought. Purchase a motivation to be something others believe you cannot be and use it to create a better you. Purchase a mindset that only you understand and allow it to influence and dictate what you want to happen with your dreams. Purchase

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