BeAwesome: #264 Recycle

BeAwesome: #264 Recycle

Recycle something that is important and re-usable- Unanimous



Living in a foreign country  obviously comes with a lot of change. A number of these changes I’ve accepted. Actually, all of these changes I’ve accepted because I have zero control over them. In life, some things we see and wish to change are unfortunately out of our hands. You ask yourself what can you do to make things better? Well for starters you can make sure you are doing the right thing. Or at least trying to. Coming from a different part of the world and living a different lifestyle has taught me a lot about myself. I’ve recently started to collect and save my recyclable (Bottles) Why? Well, I never tossed bottles in the garbage back home, so why should I do it here? Why add to the an already existing problem? Allowing a place or something to change what you do is dangerous. Do what ever you can to keep doing the right thing. Things will work.


To pass through a cycle as further treatment. To start a different cycle. To extract. To re-use. To use again. Recycling is all about taking old positive habits and re-using them. Taking old inspiration and making it beautiful. Once something goes wrong, re-use that experience to motivate the next occasion. When you take it upon yourself to re-use something consistently, you are starting to believe in the formula. Hope. Desire. Inspiration. You are no longer relying on luck. A wish. Or something magical to happen. You are taking it upon your self to determine what happens next. Recycling is about making use of old materials.


Those who are AWESOME recycle. We take old things and make them fresh again. We re-use a simple mind-set that allows us to keep going. Pushing towards our goals and aspirations. Recycle a consistent work ethic. Recycle a belief to overcome anything. Take your time and use things over again. Recycle is good. Recycle



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