ImInKuwait: Week13

ImInKuwait: Week13


If this blog is correct, and Week13’s is accurate, I’ve been in Kuwait for 91 days. Seems like such a long time. I’ve taught grade 2 for almost 3 months now. Found a new love for Lebanese and Indian food. Was introduced to some amazing people. Took long walks on the sand in the desert. Drove in some crazy taxis. Played basketball with some locals. Watch 2 seasons of Fresh Prince Re-runs. Went to a dance party close to the Iraqi Boarder. Spent time at the British Embassy. And it is only November.

This week, report cards were finalized and printed on fancy paper. We had a two-day week. Monday  last week we had off because of prior celebrations from the weekend (15 million dollar fire works). So I thought it would be great, but it turned out, that it really messed up my planning. Mine you, I am not arguing at all about the extended holiday. It was New Years here this week! This is the time New Years is celebrated. I did not pre-take in any celebration.

The Hijri New Year, is also known as Islamix New Year (رأس السنة الهجرية‎ Ras as-Sanah al-Hijriyah). This marks a new beginning on the Islamic calendar year, and is the day the year count is incremented. 

This week I tried to get a lot of work done. Lesson planning, etc. I did not get as much as I wanted but I was glad to get some much-needed rest. Thursday I went to a friends for brunch. It was very good! Lots of tasty treats and breakfast food. I love breakfast. I tried amazing french toast. Pancakes. Bread and cheese. Fresh fruit and vegetables. It was great. And the group of people who were their were even better. After brunch we all went outside to play Bocce. (see link below) I watched the first game. And I played the second. It was rather fun to do both. The locals seemed very interested in what we were doing. We had a number of people stop and watch us play.

Yesterday I went to Starbucks for some me time. I got some new contacts, which was so easy to get (If I may add). I got a free eye exam and contacts for 13Kd ($46dollars). At home the process is a lot longer and I am pretty sure it cost more as well. I was very happy to leave with contacts that very day. After spending some time in Starbucks I made my way home.


If you want something go and get it. Be active and committed to your own desires. Be discipline and never allow others to get in your way of success or what ever it is you want to accomplish. Be mindful of others. And be careful. Take criticism . And use all experiences to better yourself as a person.

Interesting facts of the week:

– Eye exams are free:-)

– The Hijri New Year

Is determined on the Gregorian Calendar

– Dubai in a few weeks



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