BeAwesome: #265 Integrate

BeAwesome: #265 Integrate

Integrate what you believe in every single area of your life. Take your heart to work and ask the most and best of everybody else, too.- Meryl Streep



Integration is (2012) something (I feel) our world is working on. I see it every day. In the lifestyle that I live. In the workplace. Throughout friends and family. Integration is something we struggle with. Sometimes we forget what the word actually even means. I have this habit of integrating things. I love little treats. I’m not a big fan of chocolate or cake so I integrate candy and mix. The mix being nuts. Pumpkin seeds.etc. I freely buy different types and mix them together. If I really want to get fancy I put marshmallows in as well. Mixing the variety of treats creates trail mix. If you can be more like trail mix and less like a box of raisins life will open up for you.


Combine. Another with another so that they become one. Whole. Bringing into equal playground. Equal consideration. Unite all flavours and taste. Integrate ones feelings. Bringing together. The things we fear most in life involve integration. Two thoughts. Two opinions. Two ways to fix something. An important part of life is integrating life’s different elements together. When you put together parts of your life and integrate them as one, everything becomes a lot simpler.


Those who are AWESOME integrate. We take all of our lives responsibilities. All of our lives experiences and work and integrate these ideas in to one life that is happy and fulfilling for you. Without integration you find your self running around doing a variety of things. Trying to manage too much. Integrate to make things easier for yourself. Integrate to make stress an after thought. Integrate



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