BeAwesome: #266 Evaluate

BeAwesome: #266

Take a step back, evaluate what is important, and enjoy life- Teri Garr



Time can be so stressful. We look at the time and notice it keeps moving. We often wish we could stop or go back in the hands of time to adjust or completely change something. That is unfortunately impossible. We must always deal with the present, and use the hands of time to adjust our future. When teaching time, you must express the importance of estimation. Estimation and value. During this run at teaching grade two, I’ve found that explaining how to evaluate and form an idea is very difficult at a young age. Than I thought. To Evaluate and form an idea is difficult regardless. The little hand is use to calculate hours. The big hand is for minutes. Right? Your clock may say 5:30. But the clock on the wall may say 5:34. Who is right? What clock do you go? Understanding how to evaluate a clock can easily help you understand how to evaluate life’s experiences. Time does not have to be perfect. As long as you have an idea of what is expected during that duration. What is important. What is going to help you in this or that situation.


Form an idea of the amount. Number or value of something.Estimate. Rate or access something. Judge. Find a sense of worth. When evaluating time we have to understand that we cannot change or adjust it, but we can make it what we want it to be (Think about it). It is something we have control of. It is estimating and determining what is your best fit. Being careful with your thoughts is the first step to evaluate ones life. Around you, you will see so many influences that in the long run, will create the person you become tomorrow. Evaluate the improvement on a life skills. When we see the positive when we evaluate, or mind and spirit will change. Make sure your evaluation is positive., then manner them with your intent and attitude to continue to grow.


Those who are AWESOME evaluate. We take into consideration all possibilities. What may or may not happen. What we are trying to determine at the time and well after. We look closely at the big picture. What are we trying to get out of this experience. This occasion. This decision. Each circumstance you put yourself in, you open the door to changing something about yourself. Evaluate these changes. And allow these changes to affect you in a positive way.



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