BeAwesome: #267 Edit

BeAwesome: #267 Edit

And the most important thing you can do is learn to edit yourself. And then go back and rewrite- Kurt Loder



I’ve done a lot of editing over the course of 5 years (apparently I have to do a little more). Not only academically. But in life as well. Going back or through to make things better. I was always asked to do things over. At the time (in particular) situations I could understand why I had to do this. But in other situations I became very confused about the request. Sometimes certain things you do or say are not exactly how other people perceive them to be. With that. Sometimes you have to edit your way to an understanding in hopes of a better grade. Do you have to do this? Of course not. But it is probably the right thing to do. Going over your work so it is presentable. Making things right. I never did like editing or back-tracking by I find myself doing it more now that I understand the concept. Changing letters or words so they are less confusing. Making a sentence shorter and to the point. Recently I’ve been told by to edit. And I thank that individual for reminding me about this important idea.


Going through. Going Back. Re-checking to make things right. A second or third chance. To edit means to prepare for publication. The worlds interaction with your concept or feeling through actions or words.Revising. Adapting and adjusting to make things more presentable, More professional. Throughout life we are consistently editing. Our behaviours. Actions. Speak. We modify our actions to make suitable for acceptance in a place. A specific area. Or experience. Cutting out the parts that are irrelevant. Changing the main idea and making corrections. Sometimes we need to sit back and edit the way we do things. Care more about others and their feelings. Take pride in a sport. Or an activity. Do your best on a test or piece of art work. Editing is about making things right. Consistently pushing yourself to become better at something by correcting and making changes.


Those who are AWESOME edit. We use big erasers. We start over. We go back and make changes so we never have to do it again. We enjoy quality. We understand what it takes to make things a little bit better at a time. We learn from each experience. We take criticism and use it to adjust our way of thinking. Way of life. To become a better person. And professional. Edit



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