BeAwesome: Being Thankful

BeAwesome: Being Thankful



We often forget to thank those who have helped us throughout this thing called life. We go through so many experiences. The many ups and downs. And often receive help during these occasions, and we forget. Not because we are rude. Or because we are ignorant about those who are willing to give their helping hand. But because of life’s fast pace. Because of the different things that go on. The mood of the month. Or the personality of the day. So many influences that affect what we do and how we do things. We need to try to be more thankful for everything. The little things that we take for granted. The big things that we see but never talk about. Being thankful is being happy with what you have. Appreciating what you are giving and trying to give exactly that right back to someone else. I believe in this world, if you are not giving you are wasting your time. What you give, you will get in return through different acts of life.


A lot of things in life that you are given. You will never be able to repay back. A Love. A Hug. An experience. A Helpful hand. All of these things have no cost. And you cannot simply repay for these occasions. These actions. How do you show you are thankful. What we as individuals have to do is show genuine heart and thankfulness for what we are given. We must remind ourselves that giving does not consistently mean an object. The best gifts are the things that we cannot purchase at the store. We give thanks by being nice. Being a good friend. Showing a kind eye and an appreciation for what has been done for you. A continuous thankyou. A laugh. A good time. Have a carefulness with your actions. Now that someone has helped you, it is your way to thank, by helping someone else.



I want to take this time to say thankyou. I’ve been blessed to have a great family and support group in my life that consistently helps me with decisions and obstacles I face every day. Sometimes we forget. And I am guilty of that. I apologize for not showing thanks. I will try to show more of an appreciation through my actions. I will take the time and think about what you’ve done for me in my life. Family. Friends. Strangers. You have all helped and guided me in the right direction throughout the course of my life. Again. Thank you. And I will try my best to stay thankful by giving more. And appreciating the little things in life.



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