ImInKuwait: Week 14

ImInKuwait: Week 14


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American Friends! This was a busy week. And yet again very short as well. A half a day on Wednesday. And no school on Thursday(For the kids). The teachers spent half of the day Wednesday with parent teacher. And a full day on Thursday doing the same. Overall I feel as though they went very well. I have some really nice parents (knock on wood) that it continues. They are all very understanding. And want their children to do well. It is easy to appreciate parents and children with that mentality. Parents came with questions and I provided the answers:) Well I think I did, anyways.

If you did not know, Canadian Thanksgiving is on October 4th. I was able to celebrate both American and Canadian Thanksgiving this year. Having the opportunity to spend this time with a different family was absolutely amazing. I usually go to my grandmother’s house, and we (as a family) share this special time together. Being away from home, has made this occasion impossible. Via Skype I was able to join my family during Canadian Thanksgiving. It was hard to watch at times, but I was happy to see that everyone was continuing the tradition that we had started.


On Thursday, memories and flashbacks started once I arrived for Thanksgiving at a friend’s house. Kids playing. Adults chatting and talking about sports and work. Bread and cheese offered by the handful. Music. It was very fancy and homey. The comfort level of everyone seemed so calm and relaxed. For the time I forgot about Kuwait and being away from home. The hospitality that was presented by these individuals was amazing. The decorations (which we usually do not do so much at home) really put a finishing touch on the experience.

What did we eat? Well everything that is involved in a successful Thanksgiving was available. The softest mashed potatoes in the world. Asparagus wrapped in bacon (The real stuff). Squash covered with bread crumbs and cinnamon. Ham cut to perfection. Mushrooms steamed and seasoned nicely. Potato salad with bit of corn mixed and mingled in the middle. Sweet potato. Oh how I love sweet potato. Carrot and sweet potato soup. Corn bread. And of course the turkey. This bird couldn’t have been done any better. It was tender. Covered in gravy and easily one of the best turkey’s I’ve had. My hat goes off to the gentlemen who done such a great job. Dessert? Well pumpkin pie. Apple pie. Cheesecake. A oreo cake shaped like a mountain. Chocolate cupcakes. And Nutmeg bars.

Really looking forward to Dubai this weekend. The Rugby7’s are going awesome. It will be my first trip outside of Kuwait. And 24 days until Berlin and Barcelona. The count down is on:-) Side note:new  i phone this week;-)

Interesting facts of the week:

– Dubai this weekend(Rugby 7’s)

– Weather is between 15-24 (Chilly)

-Prices in Kuwait are either very cheap or very expensive

Seems as though they take American prices

and put KD in front of it



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