BeAwesome: #268 Promote

BeAwesome: #268 Promote

I don’t need anybody to market or promote me. If people don’t want to hear this music, then it’s not for them. You cannot please everybody- Lauryn Hill


It is not easy to start something and promote it to the general public. This includes a risk. Possible thoughts about you and your personality. The way you do things. And how you will come across to others. Who am I trying to reach. Who will I attract. During the 1970’s, a gentlemen by the name of Don King was introduced to the boxing world as a promoter. What he did was revamp the idea of promoting. He had a way of making others more and more interested in what he was doing. He was not the boxer himself, but he had the ability (mostly with words) to convince you that what he was doing was important. And you had to be involved in some way. He introduced fights such as the famous “Rumble in the Jungle” (Muhammad Ali & George Foreman) along with the “Thrilla in Manila” (Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier). He promoted in a way that gave others no choice but to pay attention. Do things that you believe (make sure it is positive) and don’t be afraid to tell others. Take time to promote these ideas. Don’s work ethic is a result of that.


When wishing to promote. Understand that an attempt to sell or popularize is only one definition. You do not need to sell anything to raise to a more important or responsible idea of life or personal goal. You do not need to sell to advance to the next level. Help establish or organize first. Promote something that can influence others in a positive way. Promote an idea that everyone can relate to. Rally around and understand.


Those who are AWESOME promote. We promote a warm spirit. A gentle way of life and how the simplest things mean so much more than they appear. We promote further progress in support or actively encouraging oneself and others. We try to display what is good. And let everyone know why. And what they can do to help. Promote



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