BeAwesome: #270 Analyze

BeAwesome: #270 Analyze

Our past is a story existing only in our minds. Look, analyze, understand, and forgive. Then, as quickly as possible, chuck it- Marianne Williamson 


When others assume or decide to analyze, they are typically trying to discover or reveal something. You are searching and coming up with ideas to make something make sense. You are trying to wrap your head around a question. A comment. Or something you are a bit unsure of. Where’s Waldo(Wally@Americans). A childhood book, with double-page illustrations of detailed pictures. Readers are challenged to analyze and find a character named Waldo (Wally) hidden in the group of images; wearing his typically red-white striped shirt, bobble hat and glasses. Looking back at this book, I’ve come to a conclusion as to why I enjoyed analyzing such detailed pictures. I’ve also decided why this book (concept) can still help others today in real life. When searching and finding out information about something, you have to be sure before you jump to conclusions. Conclusions are what break friends and cause tension between individuals. Like Waldo, find the exact image, and use concrete evidence for your descriptions.


Consider the details. Discover the facts and meaning of what you are trying to figure out. Analyze the real motives. Never act on assumptions or make-believe concerns about things that “could” be, but or are not actually true. Study. Survey. And make sure what ever it is you are checking into makes sense. Analyze with great detail the obstacles you’ve faced and why they come about. What is the meaning behind them. Get help. Talk to someone about it. Compare and contrast past events. When you become certain about something, and decide to act on it, be sure. Be 100% sure. Ask yourself why it is now okay to present this information to the world.


Those who are AWESOME analyze. We take the time to think. Put ideas. Goals. Big and small obstacles and hurdles. Into perspective. Our thoughts and may wishes take action after we are sure. After we have determined that it is safe and okay. The feelings and heart of others. Of self. Are all taken into consideration. We find Waldo (Wally). Circle him and make sure. Analyze



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