BeAwesome: #271 Market

BeAwesome: #271 Market

Market yourself in a way that is presentable to you and strangers around you. You never know what others are thinking- Unknown



Appreciation the local market. The hard work and dedication that takes place within these communities. Many locals around the world, take the time to sell and buy in-house. Instead of resorting to a world-wide chain that is trying to take over a community. Why buy or sell local? Recognize the patterns and work ethic of these individuals. Take care of your own, and understand the persistence and dedication that these people take part in. Putting themselves out there. Leaving space for  trail and error. A consistent bargain. The world can learn a lot from the market place. The recent market that I’ve attended was full of work. Motivation and desire to make things happen. The sense of self and determination was a site to see. How can you leave a market not motivated. Not wondering where that desire or heart comes from. If we all could get this excited about life. Or something we dream about. The world would become a market place itself.


A meeting together of people. A place. A Time. A course of activity. To expose one self to something new. To get out there. Attention. Recognition. An opportunity. Don’t waste any time. Be confident and proud of yourself and ideas. Get up and put your self in an uncomfortable position. Try something new so someone else can understand your thoughts and process. Market yourself. But don’t be a used car salesman. Be as genuine and passionate as you are. And market the you. Not the someone else. Take the time and preparation. Be neat and tidy. Ask for help and market someone who is meaningful.


Those who are AWESOME market. We present ourselves. Get out there. We show what we’ve done. We take time and patience. We spread our cause. And try to promote something we believe in.



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