ImInKuwait: Week 15 (Dubai)

ImInKuwait: Week 15 (Dubai)

What a week has been. Before you know it I will be off again to Berlin/Barcelona for the winter break. Will I miss home? Of course I will. I think about my family and friends every day. What are they doing. Do they think about me. How’s the weather. Did you tell a funny joke. I miss laughing with family. Eating grandma’s biscuits and treats. I miss family dinners and phone calls. I miss a lot things from home, but want to tell everyone that I am doing great, and enjoying this experience so far.

This week has been a bit of a blurr. School has been great. The students are starting to work independently. They continue to improve and work harder at each task they are given. Thursday  I was off to Dubai for the weekend. For starters, it was interesting to tell friends and family that I was going to Dubai for 2 days. The concept is different. I’m going to Dubai for the weekend. Like when do you ever say that? While I was gone, Kim Kardashian was at the Avenues Mall in Kuwait. She was promoting her new line “Millions of Milkshakes”. Wearing a Stephane Rolland white dress, Kim thanked everyone and welcomed her new brand to the Avenues Mall. She also mentioned that she “hopes” to return.



While Kim was in Kuwait, I was in Dubai watching Rugby with some great friends. It seems as though we are becoming closer and closer every day. It is great. Having new friends, who you feel comfortable with, and being so far away from home is important. These individuals have been helping me a lot 🙂 If you read this (THANK YOU). The plane was fantastic. It took roughly an hour from Kuwait to Dubai. It was clear a lot of people from Kuwait were excited to pick up a few beverages before touchdown in the all so famous Dubai City.

I was never really into Rugby until about 3 years ago. Attending StfX (Antigonish, Nova Scotia)and seeing the quality of Rugby played by the finest athletes in the country helped. The Stfx Women’s Rugby team was (still is) top of the line. It was a great way to get to know the sport. It was fast. Intense. And full of contact. When arriving to the Rugby Sevens, I was excited to watch some of the worlds best athletes take the field. The fans were packed. (Even though it rained off and on) At one point it rained so hard that everyone moved from the opening seats and tried to go under the tarp area. When that was unsuccessful, fans finally started to impress the rain and the event. One of the highlights from this event had to be the playing of Raining Men on the loud-speaker, and EVERYONE going absolutely crazy in the fans (In the rain) dancing and swinging arms in arms. Totally embracing the experience and enjoy themselves. It was an AWESOME feeling:-)

During the first day, I ran into a Nova Scotian. Crazy thing is, she happen to be from Cole Harbour (Which is literally 5 minutes away from where I live. I also saw from a distance a familiar face on the Canadian Women’s Sevens Team. It was strange at first, but as I looked closer, I was happy to see someone I knew from school playing !! 🙂 I quickly got up and tried to get a closer look, and it was her! I did not want to distract her, but I did see hello, as she warmed up for her game. The look on her face was confusion at Of course. But later, happy to see someone she knew.

On Day two, it was absolutely beautiful outside. The stands were packed by 10:30 and everyone was out to enjoy a day of rugby. I was able to watch semi final games in both Men’s and Women’s (Congrats Canada). The South Africa team was very impressive on the Women’s side. Along with the New Zealand All Blacks (Women’s). As time approached for us to leave and head back to the airport, I noticed how much time flies when you are having fun. I really started to think…


Never take a moment. An experience. A friend. A drink. A word. Anything you care about for granted. When it is over. It is over. You will only have the experience and thought. The memory to go to. You will go through a variety of experiences in life that others will dream to go through. Some will only wish and never get the opportunity. I say go for it. Do something different. Challenge yourself. Get outside your comfort zone and experience a new world. This trip has told me a lot about myself and what I look to do in the future. I hope to return to Dubai in the near future.



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