BeAwesome: #273 Train

BeAwesome: #273 Train




I remember during the holiday’s, I would ask mom and dad for toy trains. It was something about putting trains and tracks together and watching this machine go around and around in circles that I loved. I found it fascinating how someone could take a concept like this and make it into something everyone could enjoy year around. I would watch for hours. Looking at a train go back and forth in the same direction. My train had smoke. When it turned on, it smoked as if it was really moving, as if it were a real train moving on the tracks. Trains move forward. They have a hard time going back. They are meant to complete task and keep going. It is a great idea. A train is everything we should try to be. Shiny. Fast and moving forward.


Teach. A Skill. Behaviour. With practice over time. A motor. Railroad cars. Connected. Coach. Procession. Series and teach. Train one self to stay in a straight line. Train yourself to stay on the railroad tracks you are on. Make sure you are going in the right direction. Choo-Choo your ideas into something special. It is hard to train your body and mind to think a certain way. It is hard to come up with a concept that you truly believe in. Something you can rely on when your past becomes an option again. Drill. Educate. Suite. Your training mind-set so, you are able to focus and stay determined on a path. Look for the light at the end of tunnel. Every tunnel ends with light. Every dream, if imagined and pursued, ends with a learning experience. Train yourself to see a vision. What it looks like at the end of the road.What do you see your self doing when you get off. Train your ideas to come true.


Those who are AWESOME train. We stay on the track until an appropriate time to get off. Following a track with a purpose. We try to continue what we’ve finished. We are confident in our future and goals. We train our minds and souls to truly love what we do. We train ourselves to keep going forward. Train





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