ImInKuwait: Week 16 (Camels)

ImInKuwait: Week 16 (Camels)



The weeks fly by here. I am not sure exactly what it is, but it seems as though we are consistently on a weekend (or approaching one). Sunday’s through until Wednesday go by really fast. Last week was fun. We are approaching our holiday here (Dec. 20th) and everyone is excited for the break. For some of us (most of us), it is much-needed. And we are planning to travel (BERLIN & BARCELONA FOR ME)

So besides school, what happen the last week? I keep experiencing so much, and telling myself this experience has to be the best one yet. And again, this weekend was the same. I was invited to go camping with a friend (Kuwaiti friend). I was hesitant to go in the beginning for a variety of reasons. 1. Just not up to it. 2. Already spent some time in the desert 3. Not sure how comfortable I would be. There were other reasons in my head, but I ultimately decide to go for it. And did I ever have a great time.

It started Saturday morning. I was supposed to leave around 10:30-11 but the driver that was picking me up got lost (Everyone gets lost, trying to find Mahboula). When the driver finally arrived (In a Lexus) we went off into the desert. From the city to the desert, it took 45minutes. The drive seemed fast, seeing I had a little friend to talk to the entire way. It was neat. The driver U-turned and took off into the dirt (desert). You could barely see the tracks in the dirt . (I’m pretty sure there was none) This time, we are driving off the pavement into the sand. The driver continues to drive straight; it felt as though we were on some type of safari. The only thing we were missing were the animals (Mind you, we did see a sheep and camel farm).



Once I arrived on the campsite, I was introduced to uncles and cousins. And given Turkish tea. I am not a big fan of hot beverages, but at this time I would not refuse. After tea, we sat in a comfy area and drank more tea and ate sweets; along with a variety of nuts and dried fruit. It was very peaceful. I noticed right away how silent and soothing this campground was. You could not hear one car in the distance.

After talking and hanging out for sometime, we went to a nearby market (12-15minutes away from the desert). As we approached the market, we noticed a loud sound. We started to see smoke in the air as well. Little did we know it was Kuwaiti Drift in a near by parking lot. What it look like, to be, teens or middle age boys spinning and doing burn outs with 2 door Dune Buggies. Mine you, this was very entertaining once we were able to get closer, but boy did it look dangerous. No fence or guard rails what so ever. Kids and adults sitting on top of cars and right next to the track? It was a sight to see. Watch video:


After the drifting, we went back to camp were we ate supper. This was a bit of a shock for me. As I entered I noticed a large portion of rice. On top of the rice were 2 chickens. In the tent, 4 of these plates (huge plates) with 2 chickens were set up. I would say each plate gathered 4-3 men around it. Without knowing, our host suggested that we eat the Kuwaiti way (With our hands). I was a little taken back at first, but really wanted to take in the culture so I did. One gentleman suggested that there are scientific studies that prove that eating with the hands gives more nutrition and enjoyment to the food. He seemed to know what he was talking about? But I honestly have no idea.The rice and chicken was very good.



When supper was over, we watched tv (Yes we watched tv in the middle of the desert) and drank more Turkish tea. Talked about life and followed some camels out and along a trail. The entire experience was great.



NOTE: This was the only male camel on the camel farm. Amongst this lonely male were 40 other female. The owner said, that is how it usually works. Lets just say this fella has lots of options.


You actually do, only live once. Each experience can be great. It may not be what you expect it to be, but it is something you can learn from. Something that allows you to think about the meaning of why you are here on earth.


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