BeAwesome: #274 Repair

274: Repair

Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God- George Washington






When things go wrong, sometimes you have to fix them yourself. We mess something up or we try something and it doesn’t work. We have to start trying to figure out how to do things on our own. Try. I lost a button the other day. Not knowing how to sew or somehow place this button back on my favorite shirt, I used a safety-pin that could be hidden with the position of my tie. (Smart right?lol) Why take short cuts? Why do something that is uncomfortable? Or not try to do it the right way the first time. Repairing is about making things right. Or understanding what went wrong and how trying to fix it the right way. Step by Step. Try and repair it. Put on some working gloves and give it ago. I started sewing. My button is now on my shirt and I know longer use the safety-pin. Get your hands dirty the first time. Make things/ or try to makes things right from the beginning. Learn from your behavior. And take on the challenge of repairing something


Repair. Fix. Mend. Something that is damaged or suffering. Take action. Correct. Redress. Recondition. When you are down and out. Wounded. Bloody. Unable to compete or upset about an occasion or experience. Repair your thoughts. Get up and re-create what needs to be done so things go right. Repair. Understand what it is, and why things went the way they did. Tape it. Use screws. Fasten it. Repair your actions and emotions towards the event that has caused this occasion and make it okay with you the person. Repair it. Use a tool box


Those who are AWESOME Repair. Why not try it yourself first. Why go running to another to get things done for you? Of course sometimes we have to, but at least try the things we are most likely capable of doing before getting someone else to do it for you. Again. At least try. Repair and do it your self. Repair a bad feeling. Repair and make things feel right again. Repair



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