BeAwesome: #275 Update


Do not be scared to update your future plans. Download something worth downloading. Make changes that will help you live a better life- Unknown 




Technology today requires updating and transforming something so it can run smoothly or better. Keeping it modern. Computers. Phones. Programs. Keeping things up to date. Keeping things fresh and more appealing. What if we decided not to update. Our world would be stuck in an aging era. And our future young adults would be taught an old version of the world and how you survive. Because recently, I’ve become a proud owner of an iPhone, I’ve noticed that updates are a regular basis. For applications. Programing. Everything. You name it. I was a bit annoyed by the process. But I now understand why updates are so important. It is a way to keep things moving. Making things faster and clearer. Sometimes you need to change when your surroundings change. You have to adjust. You have to make things work. Moderate and fix up. Don’t be scared to update.


Make it more modern. And change it. Modernize. Be able to take something and understand why it has to be adjusted. Why it has to look different. Why attitudes. Personalities. Personal responsibilities have to be updated. The world and times keep going. You get older. Your idea about life, and goals shift and cause changing. Don’t get stuck in a time where one rule or existence is the so-called only answer. Update and believe in change. Believe things happen for a reason (I know you’ve heard that before) Get an understanding for updates. Why they happen. And the benefits from them. Update your motive to be better. To be great. To be the best at what you do. Update your speech. And confidence in how you carry yourself. Update you.


Those who are AWESOME update. We download what it is we need to help us function in the changing world. We update ourselves. Our way of living and how we go about, on a day-to-day basis. Update. Make changes. And be proud of it. Love what you do. And the adjustments you make. Update



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