BeAwesome: #277 Preperation

BeAwesome: #277 Preperation

Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure- Confucius 




So this time last year (December 14th/2011) I was preparing myself for a new journey. That journey (at the time) I was unsure about. What did I want to do. Where was I going. School was about to break. And I had to make a decision. I decide to commit to a job fair in Toronto (Canada) for teaching a in another country. I wanted the interview experience. Had I not prepared. My entire outlook. Professional make-up. Would have been tampered. I studied.  I took questions from experienced teachers. I made phone calls. I talked to myself. I walked and dressed the part in front of strangers. I rehearsed. Took notes. I did everything possible to make myself comfortable. In preparation for the moment. Some individuals (feel as though) they can wing it. They can take on task without prep. Can you make it your very best? Can you give it 120%. Maybe. But perfection is that much more difficult if you are unprepared. Surprises are less stressful when you know they are coming. A successful prep often results in a reward.


A proceeding. Measure. Or provision by which one prepares for something. Experience. Or the life considered as a mode of preparing for the future. When you prepare you are comfortable. You have an idea of what may happen. How to react. And what to do. Preparation is about doing the before hand. Really understanding the process before it happens. Ready to execute no matter the circumstance. On your toes. Anticipating the question. The move. The next step. Preparation


Those who are AWESOME Prep! We take a note pad and sit down. We think about the things that may possibly happen. We are ready. We are rarely tricked. Or unable to apply our thoughts or actions to a situation. We Prep. We do what it takes to prepare. So when the time comes we are ready.



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