BeAwesome:#278 Disappointment

BeAwesome: #278 Disappointment

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope- Martin Luther King Jr. 




Getting into something you are not fully experienced in doesn’t matter. I’ve noticed (most recently) that your best future is made from disappointment. Your determination. Your desire. Is all made from failure (or mistakes). Our let downs. Trying to spread a concept to the world is fun. Getting the support is easy when you have a lot of friends. Or a group of individuals you can trust. But how do you reach those who you do not know. How do you tell the rest of the world that you have an idea. Stores and universities have shut me down. I’ve been told that BE…AWESOME fad. And will eventually die a slow death. Now. I can believe all of this if I want. I can stop trying to motivate others to be nice and believe in themselves. I can stop. Or I can take disappointment. And turn it into something worth appreciating. What will I do. I guess time will tell.


The feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the fulfillment of ones hopes or expectations. Let down. Frustration. Chagrin. Disillusionment. One cannot go through life without a let down. Something that makes you sad. A feeling that bothers you. A different anger. A different feeling. Disappointment is what causes individuals who are mediocre to be great. Disappointment is what turns dreams into reality. A slow effort. Or lack of desire. To commitment. Disappointment creates change. Take your saddest moment and find something positive about it. Use it with you. Not against  you.


Those who are AWESOME use disappointment. We take changes. And understand that a possible outcome may be or result in what we do not want. Understanding the reasons why things happen. Being patient. Using a tough, heartfelt situation to bring joy. Using a tear to create a future.



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