12 AWESOME Tips for the Holidays: Trueman’s Blog

The 12 Tips of Christmas, Tips #5 and #6!  (<–Ryans Blog)

Hey guys,

Work has been really busy, so I apologize for these coming together tonight!  That said, those who have asked questions who I haven’t replied to yet remind me of your questions as I have been overwhelmed and am trying my best going through everything after work.  Sorry for the delay!

Tip # 5!

Eat Breakfast!  Eating breakfast will help jump start your metabolism in the morning and set the stage for calorie burning all day!  What happens is while you are asleep your body slows down your metabolism as a survival mechanism, and when you don’t eat breakfast your body stays in this starvation mode.  Even worse it slows down even more the longer you go!  So get up and get breakfast into you!  Bonus! Eat those delicious nutritious fats! (NO TRANS FATS) This will help your body to trigger fat burning all day. Additionally make sure it includes protein (30g within 30 minutes is ideal) and has as few grams of simple sugars as possible!  This means have things like ezekiel bread with natural peanut butter or eggs and not Lucky Charms! (although they are so good, save them for cheat day)

Tip #6! 

Relax and enjoy the time you do have.  By enjoying yourself and finding time for you to relax you will greatly lower your stress levels.  Elevated stress levels come with a number of health conditions like high blood pressure, but it also causes your energy systems to be elevated and overstimulated.  Think of it like this, a stressed body is like a 6th grader after a fun dip and a red bull!   This causes a lot of calories to be stored so your body can maintain this high energy level.  Additionally, you also have to address the comfort that comes from food as a way to cope with stress.  This will escalate your chances of relapsing on your diet!  So guys, remember the holidays are about family and friends, not presents and stress.  So enjoy your time together and stay healthier!

*Alternatively, you can also lose weight when you are high stressed due to the constant stimulation of your energy levels.  If you are in this group please see a doctor, or make lifestyle changes, because most of this reduction in weight isn’t you losing fat, it is your body literally wasting away.  Both fat and structural tissues like muscles and weakened bone from malnutrition!

Ryan Trueman

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