BeAwesome: #280 Action

BeAwesome: #280 Action

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action– Mother Teresa 




I love Disney movies. Something about animations and the colors. Voice changes. It works. Some people think it’s strange. But for me. I love it. One of my all time favorites is Nemo. Now I can watch this movie over and over. And learn something new each time. It is so rich in wealth (If you look) with information. It is action packed! You may stop and think. What is he talking about? Action packed? Marlin (Nemos father) displayed action the entire movie. Objects. Things. People. Can be taken away from you at anytime. We often forget and do not remember or truly think about how much we really care or need this thing (what ever it is you care about) until it is gone. When you take action on something. Your mind is made up. You have no reason to stop. Nor any reason to give up. You take action and get what you put into your valid effort. If you’ve saw Nemo. You know the ending result of Marlins actions.


The fact or process of doing something. Typically to achieve an aim. Demanding tougher action against a thought or idea. The way in which something such as a chemical has an effect or influence on something. Work. Act. Operation. Battle. Take action and keep going. When things are difficult. When possible ways seem impossible. Move. At least try. Get what you want. When something is in your front view. Be inspired to reach it. If it means that much. Take action and grab it.




Those who are AWESOME take ACTION. Instead of sitting around and crying. Instead of making excuses. We take action to see the possibilities at hand. The first step is trying. Trying to overcome whatever that is in front of you. The second step is consistency. And understanding your actions may take a hit. But keep going. ACTION



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