BeAwesome: #282 See

BeAwesome: #282 See

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light- Aristotle Onassis 




Many of us are privileged to have the ability to see. Our 6 senses are often overlooked until they are gone or something goes wrong. I cannot imagine how it feels to not be able to see for a long period of time. I can only picture the challenges and obstacles you would have to overcome. (If willing to) 285 million people in the world are visually impaired. 39 million are blind and 246 have low vision. Harriet Tubman. Helen Keller. Ray Charles. Stevie Wonder. These individuals may have been blind, but they have influenced the world in a way greater than most individuals do. They still had a vision. They still had their sights set on something they wanted. They allowed themselves to see what it takes. And carry out a plan to accomplish goals. And ultimately change the world.


To perceive with the eye. Apprehend as if with the lens. To detect by means analogous to use of the eye Understand and comprehend. Construct an image. You are able to see without actual sight. Think about it. Close your eyes and imagine. Look at the pictures you are creating. And you can see life. You can see what is going to take place. An individual who is successful can carefully see. Take a look. Put together what they want to do. And make it happen. Seeing is about having an idea about what is next. Believing something is there. Trusting your instinct. And carrying yourself in a visible manner. SEE




Those who are AWESOME see. We see a path or a road we want to take. Seeing is about believing. Having your heart and sights on something big. Keeping your vision clear. And your mind-set.


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