Holiday Challenge: #BEAWESOME

HolidayReminder: BeAwesome



The holidays are approaching (if not already started for many) and I want to express my upmost thanks to everyone who has supported the idea and cause. I really truly appreciate everything everyone has done for me: re-posting, re-tweeting, questions, purchases, patience., etc. Thank each and everyone of you!

I will be in Berlin, Germany for part of my holidays. And Barcelona Spain for the other half. Family and friends I miss and love all of you. Have a happy holiday and eat lots of turkeyJ Love you grandma!


Over the holidays, if and when you get time from turkey. Desserts of many flavors and a variety of friends and family invading your household. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what can you do during the holidays to make someone else’s holiday that much more special. I CHALLENGE YOU. A small token or a gift. A hug. Do something different. And allow others to see that you care. I challenge you to make a stranger happy over the break. I challenge you to reach outside your comfort zone and make someone you do not know smile.




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