BeAwesome: #286 Pour

BeAwesome: #286 Pour

I like to pour my heart out in what I love to do. It is on occasion that I do not. But most of the time I do- Unknown




Have you ever watched someone pour something and really take in how things get into the flow. Yeah, well me either, until the other day I watched a kid pour milk into his cereal (I swear this was my first time watching) As he poured his milk into his cheerios, I noticed a great desire to get every drop of milk out of the carton. This kid went to an extent where he took the box and shook it over his head, trying to aim the open carton on his little bowl. After getting himself and his friends beside him wet of milk, he decided to find his spoon and start eating. I thought about why, he wanted to get “ALL” of the milk. Why not just some. Why did he want to pour every ounce into the bowl. For starters I thought, well oh, this kid really likes milk. Secondly, his mom or dad or who ever takes care of him, has taught him to empty the carton. Now in adult terms I thought why can’t we pour like that in real life all the time? Why can’t we try to get every ounce out of what we do or try to get.


To cause to flow in a stream. To dispense from a container. Pour drinks for everyone. To supply or produce freely or copiously. To give full expression. I am not asking anyone to pour his or her heart out. When we pour we need to give everything. And be careful. Empty your energy on what ever it is that influences you to get up. Influences you to pour everything you have into what you love. Your mind. Soul. Body. And actions pour out. Pour every minute and hour you have into your project. Pour every second into your focus when reading. Pour and shake like the little boy and the milk carton, until nothing is left. And do it over and over again tomorrow, next week and the following year. Pour it. Pour it all out.


Those who are AWESOME pour. We make sure we get everything into the glass we are aiming. We concentrate and make pouring an experience we remember and repeat until satisfied. Pouring is about receiving every last drop. Retaining every last bit of what we are looking for.



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