BeAwesome: #288 Revamp

BeAwesome: #288 Revamp

You have to completely revamp yourself before suggesting a change in others- unknown




I confess. I watched NewGirl possibly 3. Okay maybe 4 or 6 times. And you know what I do not care what you think about me. It is pretty funny. If you are judging me right now. I suggest that you take the time out and watch a few episodes and you will understand. I have yet determine whether or not I want to continue watching. I am not a big tv person. I watch Dexter (finished the newest season.. It is a must see) and I watch sports when time is provided. But this television show is interesting. Like you (Who is probably judging) I judged in the beginning as well. I judge all the time (not openly but I do) We all do. It is life. But right away I thought, this girl is going to get a make over and all the guys will like her. The end. Seeing the story plot and the characters in place, etc. That is exactly what I thought the outcome would be. After watching 8 episodes and listening to the main character. I noticed time and time again, reminders from Jess (Main Character) that she is happy with being offbeat, imaginative, optimistic and naïve at times. That is her. And when she is judged (often by the boys in the house) and outsiders about her appearance and her way of words, she is not going to change for anyone. It is the other individual that needs to revamp their way of thinking and judgment.


Give new and improved form, structure or appearance to. Revamp her image. An act of improving the form or appearance of something. Renovate. Mend or remodel. When we ask others to change. Or change something about themselves. That is extremely disrespectful. When we think these thoughts we must revamp our own thinking and why we came to such easy conclusions. We must understand and try to get that our personal opinions can easily effect something or someone for their entire life. Words are powerful. Revamp your way of thinking and first judgment. Revamp your methods of speech and tone. Revamp




Those who are Awesome Revamp. Change. Get Fresh. Make new. We start with ourselves. And assist others if needed.



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