BeAwesome: #291 Mindset

BeAwesome: #291 Mindset

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it- Steve Maraboli



The mind is a beautiful thing. I believe it controls and masterminds everything within the human makeup. It is able to create a mood. Change an attitude.  Cause and affect everything you do within the day. When your mind is made up. And your set on doing something. That’s it. Now it is up to you to follow through with this powerful idea. We are what we repeatedly do (Aristotle).  I hate new years resolutions. Why. Because they are made to be broken. And should have been set a long time ago. I’ve made numerous resolutions, but today I forget entirely what they are. Here are 3 essential ways to change your mindset about life and yourself.

Quit comparing:

You are who you are. You have some type of family or group of friends and support group. You are in the position you are in today for what ever reasons. You need to start to think more about your self, instead of the people and experiences around you. Once you’ve decided to concentrate on what you do, who you are, and what you can do to make this world a better place. You will realize the good in yourself. And why being you is so special. And why -> comparing and focusing on the other, is a misguided road you do not want to travel on.

Embrace Failure:

Time and time again, we will fail. We will start something and not succeed because and for a variety of reasons. When we start to look at these failures in a negative light, that is when our failures start to control our destiny. That is when our experiences turn into nightmares. And our act and risk taking abilities diminish. All because of failure. Failure does not kill you. Failure does not which bad things upon you. Failure is a term that we misuse and turn into fear and hurt. Embrace doing something wrong or not getting the exact results you want. But at least trying and giving it 110%. If you decide to have do something (you are only cheating yourself and you know it. You can’t lie to yourself and not know you are lying) Believe in the process of failure and the next step. Take its and trust in it for the next time you proceed.

Get Rid of Bad Luck

What is bad luck? And where did it come from and who created it. It is a term we (humans) created to shed light on things that happen in our lives that we do not agree with. These things are not bad like. If life was supposed to be lollipops and gummy bears , everyone would be living and doing the same thing. Everything would be too easy. When something happens to you it is not bad luck. It is life. Like failure things will happen to you in life that you have zero control over. You will wake up and have a hard time putting on your shoes. It will be too hot or too cold outside. You may get a flat tire. And you may even forget your lunch at home. This does not mean some other power out their hates you. This does not mean you have bad luck. This is life. And it is testing you. Are you able to understand conflict. Are you able to adjust and prepare without the usually circumstances. If you are unable to adjust without a lunch. A different temperature. A flat tire. Life is not going to give you something more challenging.



Change your mindset. Change your future


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