BeAwesome: #292 Rescue

BeAwesome: #292 Rescue

I’d like to think that I’m brave. That’s a really wonderful personality trait to have. I would love to think I’m the type of person to go rescue someone. Actually I am that type of person- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 




So I stumbled across this story in the paper (Nova Scotia, Canada) the other day via Ross Simmonds. And I was reading. And it happen to be one of the most interesting articles I’ve read in a while. It was short. And It was about a dog. Not exactly what I was looking for. But I started to read anyways. A dog who survives a terrifying ordeal on the Halifax Bridge. In short this is what happen. It was early morning and traffic was starting to gather on the bridge. A lady noticed cars slowing down. And some cars literally driving over something. In a flash, this lady, stopped her car, jumped out and look to realize it was a dog. Without even second guessing, she ran back to her car and wrapped this dog into a blanket she had in her backseat. With her day already tangled, because of her courageous act, she transported the dog to a near by clinic. The dog was reported to have badly fractured jaw, head trauma and inured paw and tail. The vet bill was 2,500$. (And it was not even her dog). Needless to say, this lady asked social media (Facebook) to help out and she ended up finding the owner and raising enough money for the bill. What does this mean. Why did she rescue this unidentified dog. Why did others, continue to pay zero attention to this living thing.


Sometimes we get wrapped up in life. Mine you. A lot of the time we get wrapped up. We so focused on ourselves that we forget about the people and things around us. Rescue; Save someone from a dangerous situation. An act of saving. Escape. In life sometimes we have to be selfish. Yes. That is an important part of success. But not to an extent were we are hurting others physically or mentally. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to swallow our pride and do the right thing. Rescue those who are in need. Who need help. I am not asking you to jump into a burning building. I am not asking you to dive into an ocean of sharks. Making the right choices and showing you care about something or someone is important. Being nice and what it entitles is often forgotten in our busy lives. Not only. To your friends or coworkers. A commitment to being nice is year around. And towards anyone/thing you come across. Do you have to like everyone. Or hang out with them every weekend. Of course not. But being nice is the key. Never let a distraction stop you from helping. Or being there. Or recognizing what should happen in a situation. Take care of yourself. The people and things around you. And your future will be bright.




Those who are AWESOME rescue. We take it upon ourselves to do what it takes to help others. When we can. If we feel comfortable. We like to assist our helping hand. We consider the feelings of others. We look out for the human being, not just the group of friends. Family. And coworkers. We are a unit of rescuers.



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