BeAwesome: #293 Wrong

293. Wrong

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none- William Shakespeare 




I never really enjoyed math. I guess I was “okay” at it but it was nothing something I enjoyed doing. It never made sense to me. It was something I gave up on before ever really trying. I got through grade 12 math and decided I was finished with the subject. Until University came around and it decided to enter my life again. This time I really ran from it. I took it in parts. And never really wanted anyone to know I was bad at it. It was statistics. Everyone around me thought it was a joke. Me. I thought it was death in a classroom. I was never comfortable. I always felt like I could never get it. After failing. And barely passing numerous test (with a cheap sheet) I decided to swallow my pride and ask for a tutor. I found a tutor online. And I must say. She was absolutely amazing.  She made the numbers make sense. And she allowed me to mess up and get things wrong. When I was finished in stats I got an “A”. Which I was super proud of. My fear was the “x”. Knowing that I had to get the answer exactly right was stressful for me.  Being wrong taught me a lot about how to be right.


Not correct or true. In an unsuitable or undesirable manner or direction. An unjust. Incorrect. Mistaken. False. Possibly an  error. When one is wrong it is okay. I repeat it is okay. When you mess up. Or make a mistake. Or try something. And have no idea what you are doing. Remember it is a process. That takes time and lots of commitment. Know one wakes up and becomes a doctor. Star athlete or entertainer. Know one is given anything. Sure, some people get breaks. And your break will come. Only if you fight through the wrong. To get to the right. Being wrong is a part of life. We need to start dealing with it in a positive way, so our thoughts and emotions are not affected by this idea of wrong. Or incorrect. Mistakes are good. Understand its meaning. And what you are trying to get from it. WRONG


Those who are AWESOME are wrong. Not all the time. But we do things wrong. We mess up. We do things that are incorrect. And we learn from them. We take difficult situations and stand up to them. And take them as a learning experience. Being wrong is how we create our path to success. We plug away until we correct.





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