BeAwesome: #294 Classy

BeAwesome: #294 Classy

I see myself as sexy. If you are comfortable with it, it can be very classy and appealing-Aaliyah




I have a lot of girl friends. Not in the way that some of you are thinking. Sorry not that type of guy. I’m not sure what it is but I get a long with girls really well. Some of my best friends are girls. And I am going to go on record and say the closest of them are very classy. What do I mean by classy. Well..Walks with confidence and carries themselves with an untouchable manner (not full of themselves, just confident) Has an idea or plan that they want to put in place. Thinks about the future and what is next on the agenda. They help out. They care about others. They dress nice. I repeat they dress nice. I am not going to tell anyone how to dress. But if you can wrap your entire outfit up in a ball and put it into your fist and close it, your outfit is probably to small, and will possibly (just possibly) bring you negative attention. I am by no means a fashion expert. I am not a woman. But being a male and talking to other males my entire life, has given me an idea of what they are looking for. At the same time (they may act like they want something else) But check 4-5 months after the fact. And they will possibly be uninterested in you again. Don’t be fooled by one night love, when life time love is around the corner. Girls if I can give you any sort of advice (which is very hard for me, because I am not a girl, nor do I know what it feels like to be a female) is to never sell yourself short because of a kind word or a sweet gesture. Stay classy. And take your time with love and any relationship. Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.


Having or showing class. Having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior. Admirably. Skillful and graceful. Believing in your self. Walking with meaning and trusting your look and confidence. High quality and stylish. Pleasant to be around and easy-going. Make others want to model your behavior. Well mannered. Chin up.Always bringing your “A” game. The word classy is not strictly for females. Yet it is normally used in reference to girls and not boys. Boys need the same type of meaning. They need to walk with the same ideas and cherish their thoughts about their confidence. And its level. An individual will get out what they put into anything. That starts with how you treat other people. Everything you do and say will be returned to you in some way. Stay classy. And all these returns will be positive experiences.




Those who are AWESOME are classy. We take pride in ourselves. We understand the difference between confidence and over-confidence. Respect and disrespectful.  Every encounter is treated with the same regard. Every person and experience is considered a road. We are careful of what we do. We are sometimes picky. And continuously take our time when presented with something new or challenging.



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