BeAwesome: #295 Itchy

BeAwesome: #295 Itchy

You have to itch until you reach your comfort zone. After that you will get what you want in life- Unknown 



I do not remember having the chicken pox. I do remember the experience my sister went through. I remember crying. Oven mitts. And lots of cream and lotion. I remember her and my mom sitting beside the heater. My sister looking with a blank  face. She was obviously in pain. But she was holding on. Not to itch that sensation on her arms and legs. When you have an itch. On your head. On your arm. One your leg. Any place on your body. What does it feel like. What if you and no one else could itch for you. That feeling of an itch on the back of your neck. Or behind your knee. I was thinking about the way my sister felt during the chicken pox. Because it must have been an intense motivation to stop the itch right away. Have you ever tried to “not” itch something when it feels itchy. Try it. And see how long you can last. My sister was a trooper. She had a serious case of these pox. And she handled it like a true lady. Beside driving my mom and dad up the wall. It was great;-)


Is a sensation that causes one to reflect or scratch. It is often an unpleasant experience that causes one to panic if unable to reach the desired place. When you think about being itchy. Or an itch. You think dirty. Or needs to be clean. That is not always the case. Itchy means motivated to move forward. Eager to get there. Willing to do what ever it takes to meet the need of your itch. So itch to be successful. And itch to be great. Believe and want to get what you put into your efforts and motives. Understand the importance of an itch. Pay attention to it. And take care of it when appropriate




Those who are AWESOME Itch. They have steps and guidance. An intense yet calm cool and collect way of meeting this itch head on. They take each itch and us it to build and prepare themselves for their biggest yet most challenging itch of all: Life and its people



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