BeAwesome: #296 Alive

296. Alive

 Every day is a good day to be alive, whether the sun’s shining or not- Marty Robbins 




If you are looking for a reason to be happy. I am going to give you the simplest most important reason you’ve ever heard of today. You may think it is silly. Or not that important but. The statistics and thoughts about life can really put things into perspective for you. We live in a world that is full of different people. Environments. Food. You name it. Our interacts with all of these different forms and things. Cause a passing. Things happen. We grow up. Some of us have different plans that we cannot control. But we need to start being thankful. And more grateful. For simply being Alive. Of course some of us are sick. Or some of us do not live the best and most glorious life. But over 6,000,000,000 people passed last year because of health issues. This is not counting other causes. If you are ALIVE today you are blessed. You are privileged to stand on the ground you walk. Some of us forget how time flies. On average  151,600 people pass each day. As a society we need to start taking better care of ourselves and understanding the importance. And happiness for simply being Alive.


Living, not dead. Continuing in existence. Keeping hope alive. Quick. Living. Brisk. When we talk about being alive. We talk about having a life. Really existing in this world. Wanting to be aware. Filled with living things. Taking a moment or second for granted is what we are used to doing. Until suddenly it happens. And you have little time lift. And you’ve wasted it on. Things and outcomes you really do not care about. Take life. And be alive in it. Understand and believe what you are doing is going to benefit you in the future. Breathe the air you walk through. Love the life you’ve been given. And cherish the people around you. In the blink of an eye it can be taken from you. So enjoy it. Again. Be Alive in it.




Those who are AWESOME are alive. Never take for granted a second of the day. We have fun but at the same time understand/trying to understand our meaning and purpose for being here. The only way the world is going to become a better place is if we find what we love, be nice to people and believe in ourselves. If you are reading this post. You are Alive



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